ConnectED Requirements
Assigned: Friday 8/24
Due: Friday 8/24
Requirements and Troubleshooting

See attached for minum requirements.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for the most popular browsers:

?Windows Internet Explorer 11+

1. Click the Tools menu on the menu bar. If they do not see the Tools menu, they can click on the COG symbol on the top right of the browser. 

2. Click Internet Options. 

3. Under Browsing History, check the box next to Delete browsing history on exit. 

4. Click Delete. 

5. Make sure the Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data boxes are checked. 

6. Click Delete. 

7. Click the Privacy tab. 

8. Click the Advanced button. 

9. Ensure that the Override Automatic Cookie Handling checkbox is checked. 

10. Ensure that the Always Allow Session Cookies checkbox is checked. 

11. Ensure that Accept is selected under First and Third-Party Cookies 12. Click OK. 

13. Close Internet Explorer in all tabs and windows and reopen Internet Explorer to refresh the browser. 


Windows Google Chrome 59+

1. Click the Customize and Control icon in the top right corner of the browser. (3 Horizontal dots) 2. Hover over History. 

3. Click on History. 

4. Click the Clear browsing data button. 

5. Make sure your drop-down reflects "the beginning of time". 

6. Make sure to check-mark Cached images and files, Cookies and other site data. 

7. Click Clear Browsing Data. 

8. Close all open Chrome browser and reopen Chrome to refresh the browser. 


Firefox 54+

1. Click the set of 3 vertical bars in the top right of the browser. 

2. Click on Options. 

3. Click Privacy & Security. 

4. Click the link clear your recent history under History. 

5. Set Time range to clear: Everything 6. Check-mark Cookies and Cache boxes. 

7. Click the Clear Now button. 

8. Close all Firefox browsers that are open and relaunch to refresh the browser. 



1. Launch Safari and click the Safari button in the menu bar. 

2. Select Preferences. 

3. Select the Privacy tab. 

4. Click the Manage Website Data… button. 

5. Type “McGraw” in the search bar. 

6. Click the Remove All button. 

7. Close Safari and relaunch to refresh the browser. 


Alternate Safari Instructions: 

1. Click Safari in the menu bar. 

2. Click Clear History. 

3. Select time range. 

4. Click Clear History button. 

5. Close Safari and relaunch to refresh the browser. 


In Safari for the iPad: 

1. Go to setting app

2. Select Safari

3. Select Clear Cache

4. Prompt would ask if you want to clear, select yes ?

IMPORTANT:?If you are on a Mac you would have to "Quit the browser" (by right clicking or ctrl+click) then re-open the browser.