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Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Friday 2/21
Test Prep and Vocab

lunes El Día de los Presidentes- No hay escuela

martes Lecturas: pg 114-115 # 1-4, Conversación: pg 110-111 Act A-C, Repaso: pg 116-117 Act 1-8, ExtraCrédito: pg 122-123 Act 1-8

miércoles Test Prep: Review pages 116-117, LearnSmart Chapter 3 Module: in ConnectED

jueves Chapter 3 Test: Vocab- En Clase y Después, Grammar- AR verbs, al y del, personal a, Culture: Latin American Schools, Young People Working, Listening, Reading, Writing

viernes Chapter 4 Vocab: List and define all terms on page 155 (Due Monday), Quizlet: Learn (Chapter 3)

Binder Check:

Lectura Pg 115 #1-4

Review pg 116-117 Act 1-8

Conversación Pg 111 Act A-C

Assigned: Monday 2/10
Due: Friday 2/14
Gramática y Cultura

lunes  Al y del & personal a- 3 study questions and summary in notes.  Homework review.

martes (AR Verbs retake a lunch) Al y del & personal a- Kahoot review, Quiz.  Lecturas reading- page 112-113 act A-C.  Page 114-115 #1-4.

miércoles Lecturas reading- page 112-113 act A-C.  Page 114-115 #1-4.

jueves No hay clase

viernes School paragraph, review lecturas, chapter review pages 116-117 act 1-8, Binder Check


2-10 Picture paragraph

Lecturas pg 113 A-C

Lectura pg 115 1-4

Al y del notes- complete with questions and summary

Assigned: Monday 2/3
Due: Friday 2/7

lunes- AR verbs: homework review, Pg 101 Act 2

martes- AR Verbs: pg 102 Act 3-5, Pg 106 Act 10-12, Write summary in notes to explain how to meet the objective.

miércoles- AR verbs: Review summaries, Batalla Naval Review game & Conjugarte drawing review

jueves- AR verbs: Quiz, Binder Check, Conjugarte, Al y Del notes & practice

viernes- Al y del: Notes review.  Partner practice.  HW: Finish Grammar packet.

Assigned: Monday 2/3
Due: Friday 2/7

lunes- Preterite AR verbs: homework review, Pg 239 Act 1,2,4,6.  Write summary in notes that explains how to meet the objective.

martes- Preterite AR Verbs: Quiz, Binder Check.  Preterite ir y ser: notes and practice B y C for homework.

miércoles- Preterite ir y ser: Review notes & practice. WKST 7.12 A-D for homework.

jueves- Preterite ir y ser: summary, review homework.  Direct object pronouns: notes & practice.

viernes- Direct object pronouns: Review notes & partner practice.  Finish packet for homework.  

Assigned: Monday 1/27
Due: Friday 1/31

lunes Vocab 2 Wkst review, Webquest.  Turn in both.

martes  Lo Tengo Vocab Review game.  Chapter 3 Vocab 1 & 2 Quiz.  Flashcards due for extra credit (See extra credit tab for instructions). Make-ups Thursday during A Lunch.  Retakes TBA.  

Binder Check:

Vocab 2 Picture notes with connections 15 pts

Bellwork 1/21-1/27  25 pts 

40 pts total

miércoles Grammar notes: Present Tense AR verbs.  Finish Hablar chart & Prácticas A, B y C for HW.

jueves Review  AR conjugations.  Complete ir, dar & estar section of notes.  Complete & review practice.  Homework packet 3.8 Act A-E.

viernes 3-2-1 Leveled thinking questions in AR notes. Review homework packet.  Ir, Dar & Estar notes.  HW 3.10 A-D.

Assigned: Tuesday 1/21
Due: Friday 1/24
Vocabulario 2

lunes MLK Day No School

martes Vocab 1: En Clase- Partner work pg 94-95 Act 2-8

miércoles En Vivo video review.  Turn in packet.

jueves Vocab 2: Después de las Clases-  Notes & Connections

viernes Webquest: Escuelas en países Hispanohablantes, Vocab 2 WKST 3.6 Act A-E due Monday

Assigned: Monday 1/13
Due: Friday 1/17
Vocabulario 1

lunes Vocab presentation with picture notes connections (pgs 92-93), HW WKST 3.3 A-C

martes Vocab 1 HW Review, Whiteboard Practice, HW 3.4 ACT D-F

miércoles  Vocab 1 HW review, Bookwork pgs 94-95 ACT 2-5

jueves  En Vivo Videos with packet, Bookwork from yesterday, Vocab Lists, Quizlet: Write

viernes Quizlet Due!  Azul vocab lists due!  Binder Check. En Vivo Video review ( packet due Tuesday)

Binder Check:


1/10 – 500 pesos- materiales                     5pts

1/15 – Vocab verbs fill in the blank           5pts


1/8- Picture notes                                            10pts

1/8- Vocab List & Definitions                       5pts

1/9- Mochila cut & paste notes                  10pts

Participation:                                                     15 pts

                                                Total                      50 pts

Assigned: Monday 1/6
Due: Friday 1/10
Chapter 3 Vocabulario

lunes Syllabus Update & Review           Click here to view and print

martes  Vocab list and definitions (including Grupo Azul) all terms on page 121 in the texbook.  Work on Quizlet: Write activity for Chapter 3 (this will be an assignment for completed for points)

miércoles  Vocab definitions due, Copy notes from pages 92-93 and use vocab list to highlight vocab words in the sentences, Grupo Azul: work on parts of speech and synonyms                      Click here to view and print notes

jueves  Quizlet: Write (Capítulo 3), Mochila project, use "Los materiales y uniformes escolares" assignment in ConnectED (slide 6) to help you identify and past objects under the correct label.  On the back side, paste the items a boy would wear for a uniform and the items a girl would wear for a uniform under "muchacho" and "muchahcha."  This will be checked in binder checks next week.        Click here to view and print mochila notes

viernes  Use the assignment in ConnectED (same as yesterday) and follow the directions.  Answer questions in your binder.  

Class Resources

These resources will be used frequently during class and outside of class

Use you personal log-in information to access Así Se Dice (the textbook), LearnSmart and Cerego.

Fun, science-based Spanish practice. Join our class for practice opportunities.

Personalized vocabulary and grammar practice!

Spanish Thesaurus
Sinónimos y antónimos para vocabulario
Friday 11/16/2018
Grupo Azul

Grupo Azul is the term I used to refer to heritage or native Spanish-speakers in my classroom.  I sometimes present them with adjusted work to encourage development of academic vocabulary, spelling and proper grammar.  This group generally works on an extended vocabulary list while I teach other rest of the students the words they are learning for the first time.  Grupo Azul assignments have their own due dates.  See attached for more information and for the Grupo Azul vocabulary sheet.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

~Maestra Taylor

Downloads: azul vocab sheet.docx | grupo azul letter.docx