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Assigned: Monday 9/30
Due: Friday 10/4
Vocabulario 2

lunes- Vocabulario 2:  Quizlet: Write, Presentation with Notes

martes- Vocabulario 2: Presentation with Whiteboard responses.  Grupo Azul: Individualized Vocab Lists, Tarea: WKST 1.5 A-D (Available on ConnectED)

miércoles- Vocab 2: Partner Practice Pg 28-29, Homework Review,  Tarea Wkst 1.6-1.7 E-I

jueves- Homework review, Quiz review: Quizizz, Tarea: Flashcards due for 10 pts Extra Credit (see Extra Credit tab for directions)

viernes- Vocabulary Review and Quiz

Assigned: Monday 9/16
Due: Friday 9/20
Independence, Calendars & Vocab

lunes - El Día de Independencia de México: Watch the two videos below and answer the journal questions attached to this assignment.  Presentation on Guatemala.  Work on Claendar project.

Día de Independencia                              El Grito 2019

martes- Preliminares Quiz, Calendar project (due tomorrow), Chapter 1 Vocab List: Page 51- List and Define all terms using Glossary in the back of the book.

miércoles- Calendars (due today) and vocab lists (due Friday)

jueves- Vocab lists, Vocab 1 Presentation with Notes

viernes- Vocab 1 practice

Assigned: Monday 9/9
Due: Friday 9/13
El tiempo, Country and Calendar Projects

lunes- El tiempo: Finish nots packet & Practice Pg 15 ACt 4-6.  Tarea: Worksheet LP.12 act D & E (finish packet).

martes- School cancelled due to power outtage. 

miércoles- El tiempo: homework review.  Presentations with notes.

jueves- No class due to Parent Teacher Conferences.

viernes-  Finish country presentations with notes.  Begin El Calendario project.  See links below.

Calendar Project Outline & Rubric                                             List of Holidays in Spanish

Assigned: Tuesday 9/3
Due: Friday 9/6
Projects, time & seasons

lunes- No hay escuela para el Día de Trabajo.

martes- La hora: notes & practice- pg 13 Act 1-3.  Country presentations w/ notes.  Tarea: Worksheet LP9 A-D (in same packet as La Fecha).

miércoles- La hora: homework review. Country presentations with notes: Bolivia.

jueves- Las estaciones: Notes VLP.8, Practice pg 14 Act 1-3.  Tarea: Worksheet LP11 Act A-C (same packet as La hora).  Country presentation with notes: Chile.

viernes- Las estaciones: homework review. Country presentations with notes.

Assigned: Monday 8/26
Due: Friday 8/30
País Project & Telling Time

lunes- Finish Binder Checks.  Finish Review Packet and turn in tomorrow.  Project overview, partner selection and country assignments.

martes- Sub today.  Work on project with partner.  Share digital file with partners and Maestra at

miércoles- Complete your country research today and begin laying out slideshow.

jueves- La hora: Notes and verbal practice.  Finish slideshow. Project due tomorrow!

viernes- La hora: Notes and verbal practice.  Begin country presentations.  Take notes on each country being presented (note template available in class.)

Assigned: Monday 8/26
Due: Friday 8/30
Países Hispanohablantes Project

Click on the assignment link for details about this week's project.

Assigned: Monday 8/19
Due: Friday 8/23
Preliminares A-G

lunes- Los Números- Fill in picture notes and practice pg 8, Act 1-4.  Tarea: Complete Preliminares Vocab List (list and define ALL TERMS on page 17). Worksheet LP.6 A-C

martes- Los números- homework review (turn in packet for credit).  Count by 5's.  Greet Venezuela partner & exchange names.

miércoles- Los precios- pg 9 Act 5 y 6.  La Fecha: notes & practice.  Pg 10.  

jueves-  La fecha: notes and practice.  Pg 10-11 Act 1-3. Tarea: Worksheet LP7-LP8 A-G (available on ConnectED)

viernes- La fecha: notes & partner practice. Work on Review Packet (available in class) during Binder Check


Assigned: Monday 8/12
Due: Friday 8/16
Preliminar A, B y C

lunes- El Alfabeto: Spanish letters, pronunciation, spelling your own name in Spanish (resource available in class)

martes- Review of El Alfabeto, spelling your own name, counting to 35, and greetings.  Obtained Paraguay partner.  Copy saludos (Preliminar A) picture notes from page 2 in the book (access on ConnectED).  Practice Activities 1-7 on pgs 2 & 3.  Tarea (homework): Workbook page LP.3 Activities A-D (available on ConnectED) due tomorrow.

miércoles- Learning Styles Survey (available in class), Review notes and homework from Preliminar A, Tarea: attempt LP.4 Preliminar B worksheet in packet.  

jueves- Review Saludos and Adios homework. Notes on Adios and La Cortesía.  Tarea: LP.5 A-C

viernes- Vocab list: Copy and define all words and phrases on page 17 of the book.  Use the Spanish to English Glossary in the back of the book for definitions.  Break words into sections.  Fold paper in half. Put Spanish on one side of the paper and English on the other.  Binder Check 8/12 & 8/15 bellwork, Alfabeto resource with highlights, picture notes copied with extra notes in margins, organization: 25 points

Assigned: Thursday 8/1
Due: Friday 8/9
Intro to Spanish

jueves 1.8- Introduction and syllabus- Due Monday 8.5 (see Syllabus tab if you need a replacement)

viernes 2.8- Busqueda- Exploring the classroom- Pick up a copy in class and find out what you missed!

lunes 5.8- Online sign-ups.  Follow the Quizlet link on this page to join my Quizlet class.  Log in with existing info or sign up for an account.  Be sure to click "Join Class" when you're signed in.  Record your info for future reference.  Practice with the Preliminares study set.  I recommend completing the "Learn" activity.  See me for ConnectED log-in info so you can access your textbook and assignments online.

martes 6.8- Spanish 1 Pretest on ConnectED.  Try your best.  Make an educated guess.  About Me/Comprenden worksheet available in class.  Quizlet practice.

miércoles 7.8-  Establishing Norms.  Class Commands. Bathroom passes and partners.  Please see me for these!

jueves 8.8- Continued Norms discussion.  Class Commands worksheet and Charades.  Please pick up work sheet from class.  This is a picture vocab list.  The definitions are available on the Class Commands study set in our Quizlet classroom.

viernes 9.8-  Binder Check: Syllabus, Busqueda, Class Commands, Bathroom Pass/Partners, Binder Guide, Expectation Bellwork 8.7, Matching Bellwork 8.8, Fill in the blank bellwork 8.9= 30 points  Please make this up with me upon return.  Grades are posted.  Work on Study sets in Quizlet for Class Commands and Preliminares.  I find the Learn and Write activities to be most beneficial. 

Class Resources

These resources will be used frequently during class and outside of class

Use you personal log-in information to access Así Se Dice (the textbook), LearnSmart and Cerego.

Fun, science-based Spanish practice. Join our class for practice opportunities.

Personalized vocabulary and grammar practice!

Spanish Thesaurus
Sinónimos y antónimos para vocabulario
Friday 11/16/2018
Grupo Azul

Grupo Azul is the term I used to refer to heritage or native Spanish-speakers in my classroom.  I sometimes present them with adjusted work to encourage development of academic vocabulary, spelling and proper grammar.  This group generally works on an extended vocabulary list while I teach other rest of the students the words they are learning for the first time.  Grupo Azul assignments have their own due dates.  See attached for more information and for the Grupo Azul vocabulary sheet.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

~Maestra Taylor

Downloads: azul vocab sheet.docx | grupo azul letter.docx