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Assigned: Monday 9/30
Due: Friday 10/4
Stem-Changing Verbs

lunes- Vocab D- Quizlet Learn & Write, Stem-changing verbs (notes packet attached)- Research and collaborate assigned section with group (the row you sit in)

martes- Stem-changing verbs: Present Notes.  Test Retake during A Lunch!

miércoles-  Stem-changing verbs: Present.  Tarea: WKST R20 A-D

jueves- Stem-changers- Notes and Homework Review, Begin Sports project (assigned in Bolivia seats)

viernes- Sports project: Create a diagram and sentences to describe an assigned sport with the row you sit in for Bolivia.

                Click here for Sports Project Details

  1. Binder Check
    1. Stem-Changer notes
      1. Completed notes and practice
      2. Study questions
      3. Summary
    2. Bellwork/Bookwork in Journal
      1. 9/25- Pg R31 Act 2 (1-8)
      2. 9/26- Pg R31 Act 1 (1-6)
      3. 9/26- Pg R32 Conversacion (1-5)
      4. 10/1 Tener Bellwork
      5. 10/2 Stem-changer Bellwork


Assigned: Monday 9/16
Due: Friday 9/20
Independencia & Verb Conjugation

lunes - El Día de Independencia de México: Watch the two videos below and answer the journal questions attached to this assignment.  Regular verb conjugation: Log in to your textbook on ConnectED and do Activity 1 on page R16 in your journal.  Answer in complete sentences.  Remember to conjugate your verbs to match the subject doing the action in the answer.  Tarea: Homework packet (Available on ConnectED) Worksheet R.11 A-D.

Día de Independencia                              El Grito 2019

martes- Write study questions in Regular verb notes using Three Story House resource.  ( 3 level 1, 2 Level 2, 1 Level 3.)   Homework review.

miércoles- Battle ship and Binder checks (8/26-9/13)

jueves- Notes on ir, dar and estar

viernes- Partner practice

Assigned: Monday 9/9
Due: Friday 9/13
Repaso B: Conversación y Gramática

lunes- Repaso B: Vocabulario.  Last day to work on Quizlet: Learn in class.  Pg R13 Act 1 y 2 in journals. Finish house and family presentations with observations and feedback. 

martes- School cancelled due to power outtage. 

miércoles- Conversación: pg R14 #1-8 (available in digital texbook on ConnectED).  Project Peer & Self Review.

jueves-  Parent Teacher Conferences schedule (90 minute class periods):  Class periods 1, 3 and 5

Repaso B: Gramática: Regular Present Tense Verb Conjugation (AR,ER and IR).  Notes and practice.  Batalla Naval (Battle Ship) with partners. 

viernes-  Parent Teacher Conferences schedule (90 minute class periods):  Class periods 2 and 6

Repaso B: Gramática: Regular Present Tense Verb Conjugation (AR,ER and IR).  Notes and practice.  Batalla Naval (Battle Ship) with partners. 

Assigned: Tuesday 9/3
Due: Friday 9/6
Presentations & Repaso B Vocab

lunes- No hay escuela para el Día de Trabajo.

martes- Present projects to small groups & record observations.  Quizlet: Repaso B: Learn activity.  Master all terms by Thursday.

miércoles- Present projects to small groups & record observations.  Quizlet: Repaso B: Learn activity.  Master all terms by Thursday.

jueves- Repaso B: Vocabulario: En la casa y en la escula.  Vocab presentation with pronunciation practice and whiteboard questions using interrogatives.  Page R12 and R13 for practice.  Tarea: Worksheet R9 Act A-C (available on ConnectED)

viernes- En familia y casa vocabulario: Homework review.  

Assigned: Monday 8/26
Due: Friday 8/30
Repaso A- Project & Grammar

lunes- Finish Binder Checks.  Finish Alibis placement in class.  Paragraph due tomorrow.  Casa y Familia Project overview.

martes- Sub today.  Work on project with partner.  Share digital file with partners and Maestra at

miércoles- Tener and possessive adjective notes.  Tarea: Worksheet R.5-R.7 (in same packet as ser, available on ConnectED) Act E-I.  Work on project.

jueves- Tener and possessive adjectives: Notes and translations.  Work on project.  Submit sentences for editing.

viernes- Tener and possessive adjectives: Homework review (turn in packet).  Finishing touches on project: Due Tuesday!

Assigned: Monday 8/26
Due: Friday 8/30
Repaso A- Proyecto de Casa

You will be working on a project with a partner this week.  Please see the attached file for details.

Assigned: Monday 8/19
Due: Friday 8/23
Repaso A- Vocab & Grammar

lunes- Vocabulario: Follow the PowerPoint link to read about their house label the worksheet with the vocab words in purple.  Click here for the worksheet:  La Casa de Los Simpson              PowerPoint:  La Casa de Simpson PPT

Complete activities 3-5 on page R3 of the Spanish 2 book.  Write out in complete sentences.  

***Be sure to Binder Check with Maestra and to get the Spanish 2 book assigned to you in ConnectED!***

martes- Repaso A: Gramática: Agreement & Ser.  Use attached image to fill out the attached notes.  

Ser & Agreement Board                          Ser & Agreement Notes

Tarea:  Worksheet R.4-R.5 (Available on ConnectED), Act A-D

miércoles- Ser y Agreement: Homework reivew, Finish ser & agreement notes with video (Agreement of Nouns and Adjectives video available in ConnectED: Repaso A: Videos).  Practice pg R6-R7, Act 1-7.

jueves- Ser and Agreement: Homework review, notes review, edit writing, Partner practice pg R6-R7 Act 1-7. Tarea: Write summary of how to meet ser and agreement objectives in your notes.

viernes- Ser and agreement- write leveled questions using 3 Story House Resource (attached).  Review summaries. Alibis project with partners during Binder Check.


Assigned: Friday 8/16
Due: Friday 8/16
La Casa de Los Simpson

Follow the Power Point to label as much vocabulary as possible ( words in purple) on your worksheet  use your text book to identify any words you are not clear on.

Assigned: Monday 8/12
Due: Friday 8/16
Repaso A

lunes- El Alfabeto: Spanish letters, pronunciation, spelling your own name in Spanish (resource available in class)

martes- Family Tree Review: Slide show with notes (click on the links below) and ¿Quién dice? activity (available in class)

Simpsons Family Tree PPT

Simpsons Family Tree notes

miércoles- Learning Styles Survey (available in class), Tarea: Repaso A worksheet R.3 (available on ConnectED) Act A-C plus draw, label and describe your dream house in Spanish on the back of the page

jueves- Review homework and question words.  Define question words and add to binder as vocabulary resource.

¿Qué?  ¿Quién?  ¿Cómo?   ¿Dónde?   ¿Cuántos?    ¿Cuándo?    ¿Cuál?    ¿Por qué?

viernes-  Whiteboard review of Repaso A vocabulario.  Complete Act 1-5 on R3.  ***Simpson's house activity and binder check moved to Monday.***

Assigned: Thursday 8/1
Due: Friday 8/9
Intro to Spanish 2

jueves 1.8- Introduction and syllabus- Due Monday 8.5 (see Syllabus tab if you need a replacement)

viernes 2.8- Busqueda- Exploring the classroom- Pick up a copy in class and find out what you missed!

lunes 5.8- Online sign-ups.  Follow the Quizlet link on this page to join my Quizlet class.  Log in with existing info or sign up for an account.  Be sure to click "Join Class" when you're signed in.  Record your info for future reference.  Practice with the Preliminares study set.  I recommend completing the "Write" activity.  See me for ConnectED log-in info so you can access your textbook and assignments online.

martes 6.8- Spanish 2 Pretest on ConnectED.  Try your best.  Make an educated guess.  About Me/Comprenden worksheet available in class.  Quizlet practice.

miércoles 7.8-  Establishing Norms.  Class Commands. Bathroom passes and partners.  Please see me for these!

jueves 8.8- Continued Norms discussion.  Class Commands worksheet and Charades.  Please pick up work sheet from class.  This is a picture vocab list.  The definitions are available on the Class Commands study set in our Quizlet classroom.

viernes 9.8-  Binder Check: Syllabus, Busqueda, Class Commands, Bathroom Pass/Partners, Binder Guide, Expectation Bellwork 8.7, Matching Bellwork 8.8, Fill in the blank bellwork 8.9= 30 points  Please make this up with me upon return.  Grades are posted.  Work on Study sets in Quizlet for Class Commands and Repaso A.  I find the Learn and Write activities to be most beneficial. 

Class Resources

Use these resources to access resources during class and for additional practice at home.

Use this link to access Así se Dice (your textbook), LearnSmart, and Cerego

Fun and science-based Spanish practice!

Personalized vocabulary and grammar practice!

Friday 11/16/2018
Grupo Azul

Grupo Azul is the term I used to refer to heritage or native Spanish-speakers in my classroom.  I sometimes present them with adjusted work to encourage development of academic vocabulary, spelling and proper grammar.  This group generally works on an extended vocabulary list while I teach other rest of the students the words they are learning for the first time.  Grupo Azul assignments have their own due dates.  See attached for more information and for the Grupo Azul vocabulary sheet.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

~Maestra Taylor

Downloads: azul vocab sheet1.docx | grupo azul letter1.docx