Extra Credit & Resources

While I do offer extra credit opportunities at various times throughout the chapter, these extra credit opportunities are due during each chapter exam.

These are designed to encourage students to earn extra points while getting extra practice with the grammar and vocabulary.


Vocabulary Flashcards are worth 10 points (Due at Chapter Vocab Quiz)

       * How to complete flashcards: On a notecard or small piece of paper, write ONE Spanish word from the CURRENT chapter we are working on one side of the card.  Then, write the English definition on the other side.  You must do ALL of the current vocab words for 10 extra credit points ('cause that's a lot!)

There are several websites that can be visited for practice games and quizzes or grammar lessons.  Students should print out the completion page for credit. 

Worth 3 Points Each (up to 12 points) - You can search our current chapter or grammar topic for many results, or create your own study set to create games and practice quizzes. Current grammar lessons - Practice basic vocab and grammar from your computer or phone!  Share progress with Maestra Taylor for extra credit!

From computer: Enter access code AVBGKA to join our class

From phone: Download app.  In Profile, select Share Progress and enter my email and join Section: Spanish 1

**Note** Our textbook website is no longer working for practice quizzes

Enrichment/Extracrédito:    Enrichment worksheets must be finished completely for Extra Credit

Chapter 1:       Due Wednesday, Sept 7

Wordsearch           Magic Numbers

Gender Pyramid            Gender of Nouns

El verbo ser                    El verbo SER


Chapter 2:   Crossword       Magic Numbers


Study Guides:

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