Extra Credit

While I do offer extra credit opportunities at various times throughout the chapter, these extra credit opportunities will be on-going

These are designed to encourage students to earn extra points while getting extra practice with the grammar and vocabulary.


Vocabulary Flashcards are worth 10 points (Due at Chapter Vocab Quiz)

       * How to complete flashcards: On a notecard or small piece of paper, write ONE Spanish word from the CURRENT chapter we are working on one side of the card.  Then, write the English definition on the other side.  You must do ALL of the current vocab words for 10 extra credit points ('cause that's a lot!). 

                    - Number each card.

                    - Put a full heading (name, date, class period) on the first card.

                       - Secure card with a rubber band, put them in a ziploc bag, or hole punch and put a ring through the cards to keep sets together for practice now and                             in the future!

Check back for details on how to use DuoLingo, Cerego, Quizlet and LearnSmart for Extra Credit!