Capítulo 6
Assigned: Friday 2/24
Due: Monday 2/27
Chapter 6 Review Packet

Review packet was handed out and nearly completed in class on Friday 2/24.  Essay on back page to be completed at home. Original writing ONLY! Due Monday 2/27 before Chapter 6 Test.  (File Attached)

Assigned: Wednesday 2/22
Due: Wednesday 2/22
miércoles el 22 de febrero

Objetivos:  To express ownership using possessive adjectives 


Lo que hicimos:  Presentation with notes and practice.  2) Dice game (sentence practice) with Paraguay partners.  3) Possessive Adj worksheet (due for homework tomorrow)


Resources:           Notes     Possessive Sentences         Worksheet Side 1           Worksheet Side 2             

Video:  Señor Jordan- Possessive Adjectives  (part one)         Señor Jordan- Possessive Adj Part 2        Buen Viaje pg 173

Assigned: Tuesday 2/21
Due: Tuesday 2/21
martes el 21 de febrero

Objetivos:  To discuss the culture and tradition involved in a Quinceañera in comparison to American culture.  


Lo que hicimos: Watch Quinceañera video.  (no digital copy)    Pair edit (ir) + a + infinitive homework



Assigned: Wednesday 2/15
Due: Wednesday 2/15
el 15 de febrero

objetivos:  To talk about what someone has to or must do using tener+que+infinitive formula


lo que hicimos:  

* Peer edit Tener homework.  

* Notas Guiadas with conversation about idiomatic expressions using tener

* Práctica con compañeros:  I have to eat:  "Tengo que comer"    You have to study= "Tienes que estudiar."   We have to    work= "tenemos que trabajar"

* Sentences worksheet due for homework

resources:    Page 171 in the text           Worksheet           Señor Jordan: Tener expressions               Notas Guiadas

Assigned: Tuesday 2/14
Due: Tuesday 2/14
el 14 de febrero

objetivos: To talk about age using the verb tener.  To talk about what I have and you have using tengo and tienes.

lo que hicimos:

* Practice with "tener+#+años" with Señor Winky.  "Cuántos años tienes?"  (How old are you)  "Yo tengo ____ años."  (I am ____ years old)  "¿Cuántos años tiene él/ella?"  (How old is he or she?)  

* Notas guiadas:  verb forms and explaination of conjugation of the verb "tener"

* Práctica con compañeros:  pg 168 letra A

* Cultura de Repaso- Review of previous day's reading

* Tener Worksheet due Tomorrow

resources:   Notas Guiadas              Tener Worksheet                Señor Jordan: Tener Video

Assigned: Monday 2/13
Due: Monday 2/13
el 13 de febrero

objetivos:  to answer comprehension questions after reading a passage in Spanish.  To learn about the family culture in Spanish Speaking countries.

lo que hicimos:  Bookwork: pages 178-180 read and answer all Despues de Leer questions.  Show work and new terms.


Assigned: Wednesday 2/8
Due: Monday 2/13
Ch5 Test Corrections

objetivo: To correct vocabulary and grammar mistakes from Chapter 5 assessment

  • Food, Drink, Café, Market and Supermarket vocabulary
  • ER and IR verb conjugations

Be sure to answer ALL questions and follow ALL directions.  A correct answer without showing work will not be counted as correct.  The leading questions or requirements allow you to indicate to me how you arrived at the correct answer.

If you have not received your graded Chapter 5 test, please see me ASAP.

>>>>> Click HERE for test correction instructions and questions.       Due MONDAY, Feb 13th

Assigned: Thursday 2/9
Due: Thursday 2/9
el 9 y 10 de febrero

Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for Family Tree presentations.  

You should:

* Come to class prepared with your project and rubric (due at time of random selection to present)

  • If you are not ready when your name is called you will lose 5 points on your total score  (5 points per day that it is late)
  • If you do not present 2 days in a row when called, you will lose 10 points for being late and 8 points for the verbal presenation (the only days set aside for presentations are the 9th and 10th)

* Be prepared to make some general statements about your family and describe at least 3 people in your family tree.  

* Be respectful and attentive to others who are presenting

* Read your rubric and be sure to meet all requirements!


If time allows on either day, students will have time to work on Chapter 5 Test Corrections (Due Monday) or to play Cluedo for vocab practice.

Assigned: Friday 2/3
Due: Thursday 2/9
Family Tree

Click here to view the Family Tree Project instructions and rubric.  This assignment is due Thursday, Feb 9.  You will be expected to be prepared to present your family tree to the class on this day.  

Assigned: Wednesday 2/8
Due: Wednesday 2/8
el 8 de febrero

objetivos: to solve a sequence puzzle using ordinal numbers, to solve mysteries using family and house vocabulary and deductive reasoning

que hicimos: Group puzzle activity to figure out the order based on clues.  Groups of 3 or 4 - practice vocab by playing Cluedo. (Clue)

resources:  Pick up Ordinal Numbers worksheet in class  (was handed out Tuesday in many classes)

tarea: Work on Family Tree!

Assigned: Tuesday 2/7
Due: Tuesday 2/7
el 7 de febrero

objetivo: To talk about what families do in their homes, to talk about sequence using ordinal numbers

que hicimos: Presentation and discussion of vocab on pg 165 with worksheet: pair nouns with verbs and floors in an elevator

resources:  Palabras 2 WKST

tarea:  Work on Family Tree!  

Assigned: Monday 2/6
Due: Monday 2/6
el 6 de febrero

objetivo: To talk about the rooms in a house


que hicimos:  Palabras 2 del Capítulo 6:  Simpson's House Powerpoint with notes.  Use powerpoint or book to fill in the floorplan of the Simpson house.  Práctica con compañeros pg 166 letra A


resources:   Casa de Simpsons PPT          Casa de Simpsons Notes         


Tarea:  Work on Family Tree! (Due Thursday)

Assigned: Thursday 2/2
Due: Thursday 2/2

objetivo: To answer questions about members of a family (How they are related and what they do)

que hicimos:  Vocab List check.  Palabras 1 pg 161 intro and review with whiteboards, practice with partners letters A,B and C ong pgs 162-163 with partners

resources:  Family Tree           Family WKST

tarea:  Family Tree Worksheet

Assigned: Wednesday 2/1
Due: Wednesday 2/1

objetivo: To name the members of a family

que hicimos:  Palabras 1 del Capítulo 6:  Family Tree Powerpoint with notes.  Práctica con ¿Qué dice la Familia? Activity

resources:   Familia PPT          Simpsons Notes           Que Dice Wkst

Tarea:  Finish Ch 6 Vocab definitions from pg 186