AZ Merit
Assigned: Thursday 3/9
Due: Friday 3/10
AZ Merit Practice Essay


Synthesize and cite three given sources to write a 5 paragraph essay take a position on the following writing prompt:

Should foreign language education be mandatory?  Show evidence to support your answer.


                      MLA Formatting

                      Writing Resource 1: Bilingual Brain Video

                      Writing Resource 2: Benefits of Being Bilingual

                      Writing Resource 3: Why Waste Time on Foreign Language?

                      Argumentative Writing Guide

                      AZmerit Writing Rubric

                      Fact and Opinion Graphic Organizer  (may be printed)

                      Reasons web Graphic Organizer  (may be printed)

                      Link to more Graphic Organizers


Key Vocabulary:  Subordinate Bilingual, Coordinate Bilingual, Compound Bilingual, cognitive, academic, societal, bilingual, multilingual, monolingual