¿Qué hicimos hoy?
Assigned: Tuesday 4/11
Due: Monday 4/17
Chapter 8 Vocab List

List and define all words on page 254 in the book.  We will begin Chapter 8 Monday, April 17.  I will check for completed lists on that day.

Assigned: Monday 4/10
Due: Wednesday 4/12
Review Bookwork

Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on block schedule) we are working on Reviewing Chapters 5-7

We did activities verbally with partners, but also turned in written answers for all activities on pages 218-221.

Pg 218 Letter A - Answer Despues de Conversar Questions 

Pg 219 Letter A- Answer in complete sentences

Pg 220 Letter B-  Fill in the blanks with the correct conjugation of the verbs provided. (Note stem changes).  Then translate the entire paragraph to English.

Pg 220 Letter C-  Answer questions personally in complete sentences.

Pg 220 Letter D- Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive adjective.  Then translate the entire paragraph to English

Pg 221 Letter E- Answer personally using correct construction of gustar/iteresar/aburrir in complete sentences.

Pg 221 Letter A- Write 3 observations of the photo.  What's happening?  Who or what is there?  Where are they?  What are they wearing?  etc etc....


Assigned: Monday 4/3
Due: Monday 4/10
Chapter 7 Video Project


***This is the test for Chapter 7***  Students who do not complete this task may make arrangements to take the Reading and Writing test for Chapter 7

                             *******Video is due NO LATER THAN Monday, April 10th at 4:00pm to be considered on time********

Objective:  To create a script and video that shows written and verbal mastery of the following:

* Correct spelling/usage/pronunciation of 8 unique vocabulary words from page 216

* Correct spelling/usage/pronunciation of 2 e to ie stem-changing verbs (one from inside "the boot" and one from outside)

* Correct spelling/usage/pronunciation of 2 o to oe (or u to ue) stem-changing verbs (one from inside "the boot" and one from outside)

* Correct spelling/ usage/ pronunciation of one verb like gustar (gustar, interesar, or aburrir)

Resources:        Project Outline/Timeline            How to Turn in Your Video           Filming Rules       

                                       How to Highlight Script                How to Turn in your Script                 

Assigned: Wednesday 3/29
Due: Friday 3/31
HW Packet Gustar

Objetivos:  To talk about likes and dislikes

What we did:  Study explainations and practice exercises on pages 203-205.  Letters H-K in the homework packet due Thursday for homework. This is the packet that also contains the stem-changer homework.  It was passed back on Monday.  See me if you did not get yours back.  

The remainder of the packet is assigned for Thursday, Due Friday at the beginning of class.

***Gustar Quiz is Friday.***  Follow resources below for help with this concept.

Resources:  Señor Jordan Video: Gustar    (This is one of many so if you need more help seach YouTube for Senor Jordan Gustar)  Gustar  Click link for reading and quizzes

Assigned: Monday 3/27
Due: Wednesday 3/29
Sportscast Skit

Objectives:  1)  Work with a partner.  2) Write a script (about 10 sentences) that describes the play-by-play of a game in your assigned sport (béisbol, fútbol, o baloncesto).  Be sure to stay in the present tense (what happens now).  3) Be sure "viewers" (aka classmates and teacher) can answer all Key Questions below.  4) Practice your lines!  Pronunciation matters.

Key Questions: 1) What sport is being played?  2) What teams are playing?  3) What players are involved?  4) What special play or event occurres? (This is where you can make up the majority of your content)  5) Who is winning the game?  What is the score?

***We will be performing these in random order on Wednesday, March 29 in front of the class***

Please see Maestra T asap if you need special arrangements.


Assigned: Monday 3/27
Due: Monday 3/27
Cultura Reading

Objetivo:  To summarize passages in Spanish after reading about soccer,

What we did:  Read passages on page 208.  Answer letters A & B on page 209.  Use the answers from Letters C and D to help you write a summary of the passages in Spanish.

***These passages will also help with your Sportscast Skit***

Assigned: Tuesday 3/21
Due: Thursday 3/23
HW Packet - Stem-Changers

Objetivo: To conjugate stem-changing verbs (e to ie, o to ue and u to ue) according to the verb family and subject.  

Qué Hicimos: We began discussing stem-changing verbs on Monday 3/20. Sections A-D were assigned for homework Tuesday night and sections E-G were assigned Wednesday night.  We went over these activities as review for our Stem-Changer Quiz on March 23rd.  The packet was collected for credit and will be returned so students can continue working in the rest of the packet when we begin the next grammar topic next week.  

Resrources:  No digital copy of packet, pick up in class

Book activities: Pgs 199-202

Verb Chart  (done in class 3/22)      Dice sentences Worksheet (done in class 3/23)

Señor Jordan instructional videos:  E to IE verbs          O to UE verbs

Assigned: Wednesday 3/15
Due: Tuesday 3/21
Chapter 6 Test Corrections

Chapter 6 test corrections are due NO LATER THAN Tuesday, March 21st.  These were assigned before break.  Please be sure to show your work by answering ALL questions for EACH problem missed.  If you need help please see Maestra at lunch or after school for assistance.  

Assigned: Monday 3/20
Due: Monday 3/20
E to IE stem-changing verbs

objetivo: 1) to talk about what one prefers 2) to conjugate e to ie stem-changing verbs according to verb family (ar, er, ir)

que hicimos: 1) Class practice with: ¿Prefieres fútbol o básquetbol?  Yo prefiero....  Ella/ él prefiere....   2)  Conjugation practice (and notes) with verbs "perder" "querer" "empezar" and "comenzar"  3) Practice with partners: Letra A pg 199

recursos:  Watch Señor Jordan and takes notes on stem-changers.   Also in book on page 198.  Read more at Do practice activities A-D in the book on pages 199-200.

Assigned: Friday 3/3
Due: Tuesday 3/7
Picture Story

Objetivo:  Write a story about baseball or basketball using pictures to represent Spanish vocabulary words.


* Write a story about baseball or basketball using vocabulary from pages 194-195 in the book.  

* 10 sentences minimum

* Include picture key to identify what word the pictures represent.  Include a minimum of 12 pictures and in your key.  These should all represent a vocabulary word from Chapter 7.  Each must be used at least once in your story and the picture should appear in place of the word in your story.

* Must be written entirely in Spanish and pictures.

* Include 3 additional chapter 7 vocab words.

These are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, March 7th so we can do another activity with them.

Follow the model of the Soccer Story activity that we did at the beginning of the chapter.  (Click here)


Pick up or print  the basketball story that I wrote.  Translate it to English and turn it in with your story and picture key for full credit.  (We translated other people's stories during class on 3/7/17.  This is 1/2 of the grade)  

Assigned: Monday 2/27
Due: Friday 3/3
Chapter 6 Test

Chapter 6 Test must be made up no later than Friday, March 3rd.  If you missed the test on Monday 2/27, please see Maestra ASAP to make arrangements to make it up.

Assigned: Tuesday 2/28
Due: Wednesday 3/1
Story Worksheet

Begin working on the Story Worksheet in class after completing Vocab List.  

Due at the beginning of class Wednesday 3/1.  (File Attached)

Assigned: Monday 2/27
Due: Wednesday 3/1
Chapter 7 Vocab List (Sports)

Listo de Vocabulario de Capítulo 7 (Deportes):  Copy and define all words from page 216 in the text.  

We began this assignment after the Chapter 6 Test, worked on it in class on 2/28, and it is due at the beginning of class Wednesday 3/1.