Capítulo 5
Assigned: Monday 1/30
Due: Monday 1/30
el 30 de enero

Cultura:  Comida en España y México: Click here to view videos -------->>>>>>> Powerpoint

Assigned: Wednesday 1/25
Due: Wednesday 1/25
el 25 de enero

objetivos:  *to answer comprehension questions after listening to a conversation     * to practice pronouncing letter D


que hicimos:   1) Listen to a the conversation and read along on page 146.  Answer comprehension questions 1-9    2)  practice different pronunciations of the letter D


resources:     ( go here to listen to conversation and pronuncation)

Assigned: Tuesday 1/24
Due: Tuesday 1/24
el 24 de enero

objetivos:  * to ask and andwer questions using ER verbs in the ustedes and nosotros conjugation      * to talk to someone in a store about food


que hicimos:   1) Peer Edit ER/IR homework from Friday    2)  Perform store skits and answer questions on worksheet based on other people's skits   3) Beach Ball Toss with Uds. and Nosotros



Assigned: Monday 1/23
Due: Monday 1/23
el 23 de enero

objetivos:  * to ask and andwer questions using ER verbs in the ustedes and nosotros conjugation      * to talk to someone in a store about food


que hicimos:   1) Practice with ER and IR verbs in uds and nosotros  pg 145 letters E and F with partners    2)  practice and perform store skits



Assigned: Thursday 1/19
Due: Thursday 1/19
jueves el 19 de enero

objetivo: To conjugate -ER and -IR verbs in the present tense.  (To be able to ask a tú question and give a yo answer using an ER or IR verb)

que hicimos: Guided notes: Review of terms, Presentation of ER and IR verb endings (found on page 142), Conjugation practice, Ask & Answer game with tú and yo conjugations of ER and IR verbs.   Finish with skits that have not yet been performed.

resources:  Guided Notes and Practice

Assigned: Tuesday 1/17
Due: Wednesday 1/18
martes el 17 de enero

Students will perform café skits in order to demonstrate and practice food and café vocabulary.

Turn in all assingments due.

Take Vocab Quiz.  (Flashcards Due)

Note: Due to Maestra going home sick some of these activities were done on different days for different classes.  

Assigned: Thursday 1/12
Due: Tuesday 1/17
Café Skit

Each person will create a skit with a partner (Paraguay, if possible) to demonstrate knowledge of café and food vocabulary.  One partner should be the waiter and one should be the customer.  Students should try to use as many vocab words from page 156 as possible and should use as many verbs as possible.  Props are available to use in class.  If student is unable to perform in class, a video may be submitted to

Skit should cover:

Looking for a table

Ordering a Drink

Ordering Food

Talking about the food (possibly how it tastes)

Getting and Paying the Check.  

Assigned: Thursday 1/12
Due: Tuesday 1/17
Create Menu

Each individual person will hand in a menu project of their own demonstrating knowledge of food vocabulary from page 156 in the text.  Follow the guidelines in the attached rubric.  Meet all objectives to receive full credit.  It is very important that you highlight all of the vocabulary words the first time you use it.

Assigned: Thursday 1/12
Due: Tuesday 1/17

Complete Workbook pages 47 and 48 (picked up in class on 1/12)

Complete Crossword, Ordering and Matching worksheet given out earlier the same week.  (attached)


All assignments given during Maestra Taylor's absence are due Tuesday 1/17 or will be considered late! Please use your classtime wisely!

Flashcards are also due Tuesday during the Vocabulary Quiz.

Assigned: Tuesday 1/10
Due: Tuesday 1/10
el 10 de enero

objetivos: to talk about fruits, vegetables and meats.  To have a conversation with a partner about being in a café.

que hicimos: 1) Palabras 2.1 en pg 138 pronunciation and sorting into categories.  Write words in three categories: Vegetales, Frutas y Carnes.  Write words in categories by color en español.  2) Activity B on pg 137 with Bolivia partners.  3) Self correct homework.

Tarea: Order, Matching and Crossword worksheet

Resources:  Pronunciation    Order & Matching     Crossword

Assigned: Monday 1/9
Due: Monday 1/9
el 9 de enero

objetivos: to order and pay the bill at a café, to discuss the order of events when dining in a café

que hicimos:  1) watch video and discuss events 2) discuss conversation at the bottom of pg 135 between waiter and customers.  3) practice activities B on pg 136 and D on  pg 137 with partners.  4) review photo vocab list  

tarea: wkbk pages 45 and 46 due tomorrow for HW.

resources: Plaza Sesamo Video      Pick up workbook pages in class.


Assigned: Friday 1/6
Due: Friday 1/6
el 6 de enero

objetivo: to identify and put foods and drinks into categories, to review numbers 1,000,000-675,000,000

que hicimos: counted by 25,000,000, viewed powerpoint describing words that are nouns and adjectives, practiced pronunciation, put words into categories using flashcards

palabras del día: leche, pan, dulce, helado

resources:  Sustantivos y Adjetivos PPT,  Pronunciation, Picture Vocab List

Assigned: Thursday 1/5
Due: Thursday 1/5
el 5 de enero

objetivos: to review numbers 10,000-280,000, review alphabet, obtain new partners, to identify what items are for, to talk about things that we eat and drink, to talk about before and after

que hicimos: counted by 10,000, received 3 new partners for Venezuela, Colombia y Ecuador, Viewed Powerpoint on verbs and prepositions, practiced pronunciation of words on pg 135, reviewed homework from 1/3 with partners

palabras del día: categoría, postre, refrescos, para, antes, después, comer, beber

resources:   Beber y Comer PPT  ,  Pronunciation

Assigned: Wednesday 1/4
Due: Wednesday 1/4
el 4 de enero

objetivos: to review numbers 100-2800, review alphabet, review and obtain new class commands in Spanish, to get new partners, to review cafe vocabulary

que hicimos: counted by hundreds to 2800, received and practiced new class commands and questions, practiced alphabet by exhanging names with 3 people for new Argentina, Bolivia y Paraguay partners.  Pg 136 letter A 1-7 with partners to review vocab.

same words of the day.


Assigned: Tuesday 1/3
Due: Tuesday 1/3
el 3 de enero, 2017

objetivos: review counting from 5-150, to talk about going to a cafe and what you do when you get there

vocabulario del día: ir, café, restaurante, juntos, solo/a, buscar, ver, mesa, libre, ocupado/a, hablar, mesero/a, camarero/a, el menú, leer

qué hicimos:  Counted by 5 to 150, Palabras 1 pg 134 with whiteboards, practice with partners pg 136 let A #1-7

tarea: Back of Apuntes Guiados (Guided notes)