Capítulo 3
Assigned: Friday 10/28
Due: Friday 10/28
el 28 de octurbre

Objectives: 1) To answer written questions using verbs, clothing terms and colors  2) To count to 1000 3) To begin putting information about Día de los Muertos together with partners and plan project completion

What we did: Palabras 2: Workbook pa ges 21-22 Letters D-G   2) Introduced additional vocabulary for counting to 1000 and pair share practice  3) Día de los Muertos group collaboration.  Monday is the last day to work on this in class!

Assigned: Thursday 10/27
Due: Thursday 10/27
el 27 de octubre

Objetivos:  To answer questions with partners about clothing using verbs and vocabulary 2) To form groups and choose topics for Día de los Muertos presentations

What we did:  1) Broke into 6-7 groups of no more than 4 people to report on a randomly assigned portion of Día de los Muertos.  Brainstormed ideas, Divided topics amongst members.  Brief research contribution due tomorrow for group collaboration.  Presentations begin Tuesday.  Monday will be the only day to work on this in class!  2) Palabras 2 Review & Practice activities A,B and C on pg 78 and letter A on pg 79 with partners

Resources: Presentation Topics

Assigned: Wednesday 10/26
Due: Wednesday 10/26
el 26 de octurbre

Objetivos: 1) To discuss the difference between American culture and Mexican culture in their celebration of Halloween and Día de los Muertos  2) To pronounce vocabulary about clothing

What we did:  Group discussion answering topic: What is the difference between Halloween and Día de los Muertos?  Emphasis on cultural differences and traditions.  2) Palabras 2 Pronunciation practice  (see textbook Media Library: Audio)

Assigned: Tuesday 10/25
Due: Tuesday 10/25
el 25 de octubre

Objetivos: To practice use of vocabulary by editing a neighbor's homework 2) To learn about a traditional Mexican celebration of Día de los Muertos by taking notes on a video that follows a family in Oaxaca

What we did:  1) Peer edit Homework and turn-in  2) Watch Día de Los Muertos video and take detailed notes for group discussion tomorrow.  The discussion question is:  What is the difference between Halloween and Día de los Muertos? (If you missed this video you may do some basic research about the celebration of Día de los Muertos in Mexico in order to contribute to the discussion)

Assigned: Monday 10/24
Due: Monday 10/24
el 24 de octubre

Objetivos: To use verbs and school supply vocabulary to answer questions with partners

What we did: 1) Pronunciation Review 2) Pg 75 D & A with partners  4) Workbook ogs 19-20 A,B,C Due for Homework

Assigned: Thursday 10/20
Due: Monday 10/24
Chapter 2 Test Corrections

Today we finished up the presentations on cities with a Spanish-Speaking population.  If you did not present, please turn in your packet and email your Powerpoint or Presi to me by Friday 10.21  (see original assignment).  The remainder of the class period was devoted to working on test corrections for the Chapter 2 test, which was handed back today in class.  The instructions for corrections are attached.  Please follow all directions and turn into turn in box by Monday 10.24.  Chapter 3 Vocab lists are due Tomorrow 10.21

Assigned: Friday 10/21
Due: Friday 10/21
Chapter 3 Palabras 1

Objectives:  To answer questions with partners using verbs and school material vocabulary

What we did:  Palabras 1 Presentation with vocabulary identification and pronunciation practice (see textbook website media library)

Practice activities B,C, and D on pages 73-74 with partners

Resources: Media Library

Capítulo 3: Vocabulario—Palabras 1, pp. 76-77

Chapter 3 vocabulary

Assigned: Friday 10/7
Due: Tuesday 10/18
US City Webquest

The attached packet will lead you through a process of discovering information about US cities with a Spanish-Speaking population.  Complete the packet and choose one city to focus on.  You should explore as much about the Spanish-Speaking culture of the city as possible in order to create a 5 slide powerpoint presentation, that will be shared with the class.

Guidelines/ Requirements:

* Minimum of 5 slides with a minimum of 3 sentences of content per slide

* Include:  -Pictures (of people, landmarks, celebrations, etc)

               - Info on the size of the Spanish- Speaking population in the city you chose in comparrisson to the size of the general population.  (Let us know if the Spanish Speakers are predominately Mexican American, Cuban American, Dominican, etc...)

                -Info on the cultural impact the Spanish Speaking community has on the city  (Traditions, celebrations, everyday life, food, music, history, etc

                - Include your favorite thing about the city you chose and why you would recommend someone live there

Students will be chosen at random starting Tuesday 10/18 to present.  An extra day will be given for an absence.  Students can also make a video of themselves presenting the info.  Presentations should be emailed to

Assigned: Wednesday 10/5
Due: Wednesday 10/5

Complete the Repaso Packet from Chapter 2 for the test tomorrow.  Completed packet due tomorrow along with extra credit and binders for portfolio check.

Assigned: Monday 10/3
Due: Monday 10/3

Objectives: To answer comprehension questions after reading a passage in Spanish

What we did:  1) Time review: pages 56-57 Act A y B 2) Pronunciation of e & i pg 59 3) Cultura pgs 60-61 Act A y B pg 61 in bookwork

Resources: Buen Viaje Media Library > Search > Arizona > World Languages > High School > When it gives you pictures of text books choose ours (it should be the 7th one) > Choose one the following:

  • Capítulo 2: Lectura cultural—El español en Estados Unidos, pp. 60-61

    Cultural reading using chapter vocabulary and theme

  • Capítulo 2: Pronunciación—Las vocales e, i, p. 59

    Pronunciation tips

Assigned: Thursday 9/22
Due: Friday 9/23

jueves, 22.9.16

Objetivos: 1) identify and use plural nouns, articles, pronouns, adjectives and the verb, ser, in converation and text 2) to talk about more than one person or thing 3) to show agreement in gender and number in all parts of a sentence

What we did:  Plural packet (see below): 1) Fill in notes from page 50 in the book, practice I,II and III making articles and subjects plural  2) Verbal practice: Act A pg 51- restate the question.  3) Presentation on plural pronouns and practice in Plural Packet.  Replace subjects with pronouns.  Rewrite sentences with Pronouns.  

Resources: Plural nouns and articles    Plural Pronouns

Assigned: Wednesday 9/21
Due: Wednesday 9/21
miércoles, 21.9.16

Objetivos: 1) To review and assess school and plural vocabulary 2) To correct mistakes on Chapter 1 test to solidify comprehension and retention of material  3) To read a passage and answer comprehension questions about different ethnicities in Spanish-speaking countries.

What we did: 1) Chapter 2 Vocab Quiz.  Flashcards due.  (All hours but 3rd.  1st hour reviewed vocab first with Lo Tengo)  2) Chapter 1 Test Corrections.  Be sure to follow all directions and attach original test to your corrections.  Due Monday, September 26th

Resources: Chapter 1 Test Corrections Instructions

Assigned: Tuesday 9/20
Due: Tuesday 9/20
Martes, 20.9.16

Since we had a delayed start to school, I adjusted the plans for all class periods.  No work was due.  No quiz was given.  Most classes played Lo Tengo (Bingo) to review for the vocab quiz, which will now be given tomorrow. (Except for 3rd hour, which took the quiz on Monday in preparation for today's Native American Dance exhibition)

Assigned: Monday 9/19
Due: Monday 9/19
lunes, 19.9.16

Objetivos: 1) To finish Día de Independencia presentations  22) To review plural and class vocab for tomorrow's quiz

What did we do?  1) Vocab Challenge for bellwork & Review for study guide  2) Self-Grade homework from last Thursday (D-G in the HW packet)  3) Finish Presentations  4) Magic Numbers and Crossword Enrichment

Resources:  Ch 2 Vocab List

Assigned: Friday 9/16
Due: Friday 9/16
Día de Independencia

Objetivos:  To learn about and share findings about Mexico's Independence Day (celebrated Sept 16) by doing individual research and creating a small powerpoint with an assigned group.

What we did:  1) Watched Grito de Dolores reinactment video  2) Assigned group numbers and conducted individual research to answer group's assigned question  3) Collaboration with group members to share information and create a minimum of 2 slides to present findings  4) Group presentations and discusssion

Group Questions: 

Group 1: What were the conditions like for Mexicans leading up to the revolution? What year did Mexico finally gain its independence from Spain?

Group 2: Who is Father Hidalgo and why is he a significant figure in the Mexican independence movement? What other individuals helped Mexico during the Revolution?

Group 3: Explain the significance of the Mexican flag and provide a picture of it for the class.

Group 4: How is Mexican Independence Day celebrated? What special foods are eaten? What music or dances are important parts of the festivities? 

Resources:  Independencia Overview        Independencia History    More History     Flag Info       Food Info

Saturday 10/29/2016
Día de Los Muertos EC

10 Points Extra Credit offered to anyone who attends a Día de los Muertos celebration and records a brief video that:

* Includes  video footage of yourself at the event

* Includes discussion and video of your favorite things about the event

* Includes analysis of this event's depiction of Día de los Muertos.  ie) Is it traditional? Is it respectful? Does it uphold the ideals of what this holiday is about?

There is a FREE Día de los Muertos event on Saturday 10/29 at Tlaquepaque in Sedona from 2pm to 8pm

Videos should be emailed to by Monday

Friday 10/28/2016
Movie Extra Credit

For 10 Extra Credit Points:

Watch either The Corpse Bride (on Netflix) or The Book of Life and write a 2 paragraph analysis.  

Use examples from the movie to describe whether or not you think this movie embodies the ideals of Día de los Muertos.

Due Wednesday, Nov 2

Monday 9/19/2016
Lost and Found

I have found a few items in the classroom, that I have placed in a box labeled "Objetos Perdidos" in the back of the room.  Please check here to claim your items.  Gracias!