Capítulo 1
Monday 8/15/2016
Capítulo 1

viernes 9.9.16 (Fri, Sept 9)

Objectives: To Show mastery of Chapter 1 vocabulary and grammar concepts by taking Chapter Test

What we did: 1) Chapter 1 Test is today.  All make-up work for this chapter is due today.  Practice quizzes are due today for extra credit.  Review packet is due today  for completion points. You only have until Tuesday, Sept 13 to make up the test.  Please come in to take it at lunch or after school immediately upon your return!  2) Chapter 2 Vocab List is due Monday to begin Chapter 2.  List and define all words on page 68 from the glossary in the back of the book.


jueves 8.9.16 (Thurs, Sept 8)

Objectives: To create a study guide for Chapter one by answering and correcting review questions  (incl. vocab, adjective agreement, articles, ser, and interrogatives (question words))

What we did: View student examples of "Ser Videos"  2) Work on a few sections of the review packet independently, then correct as a group.  Finish review packet for homework (you will need your book).

Resources: Chapter 1 Study Guide


miércoles 7.9.16 (Wed, Sept 7)

Objectives: 1) To answer comprehension questions after reading a passage about two heros from South America  2) To write a 1 paragraph summary in English answering the questions: Who was Simón Bolivar and why is he important to history?

What we did: 1) Self- edit bellwork  2) Announcements (see above)  3) Review El Quijote bookwork answeres from pg 30  4) Read Simón Bolivar y José San Martin passage on pg 33 white listening for cognates (words that look like English words and have the same meaning)  5) Identify cognates (list with meanings) and familiar words while reading passage to self  6) Answer A-C on same page and El Quijote questions (keep in bookwork section of your Spanish notebook)  7) Read article on Simón Bolivar while annotating.  8) Write 1 paragraph (in English) answering the question:  Who was Simón Bolivar and why is he important to the history of South America?

Resources: Simon Bolivar Article (pages 6-9)


martes el 6 de septiembre (Tues, Sept 6)

Objectives: 1) To answer comprehension questions after reading a passage about Don Quijote

What we did: 1) Video Check   2) Read El Quijote passage on pg 30 and check for comprehension with White Boards  3) Answer "Despues de leer" questions A y B on pg 31


viernes 2.9.16 (Fri Sept 2)

Objectives: 1) To answer comprehension questions after hearing and reading a conversation   2) To describe yourself and someone else using proper forms of ser   3) To correctly pronounce the vowels A,O,U in spanish

What we did: 1) Conversación comprehension pg 28 with whiteboards.  Answer después de conversar questions.  2) Actividades communicativas pg 29  Actividad A using "el/ella es"  then do the same, but pretend to be the person your a describing- using "yo soy" and "tú eres"  3)Pronunciación practice of vocales A,O and U pg 29  4) Grammar videos: Objectives, Examples and Ouline

Grammar video due Tuesday 9/6!  Students may work in groups, but all must appear and speak in the video. Students may email me the video or link to youtube video any time over the weekend.  ***Arrangments may be made for a student to recite their video content in person with Maestra T if no smart phone or video recorder is available***    Email to or send in Remind App.  If file is too large, upload to youtube and send me the link.  Give me access to it or make file public.  Individual students may also use VOKI (no groups for this one.)  Be silly if you like!  Be creative!  Have fun!  Meet your objectives.

Objectives to meet in video: Vocalize

* proper pronunciation of a, o and u

* proper use of singular forms of ser (soy, eres and es)

* proper use of singular personal pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella and usted)

* proper use of singular definite and indefinite articles with vocabulary (el. la, un, una)

Handouts and resources:    Video inspiration-  Princess of Ser        Pronoun Paradise          Cómo Eres          Cómo So Yo

Voki Website: Meet your objectives using an Avatar (not available on Droid)

Pronunciation Practice: La vocal A        La vocal O       La vocal U



jueves 1.9.16 (Thurs Sept 1)

Objectives: To conjugate ser to ask someone about themselves and to talk about yourself or someone else: tú eres, yo soy, el/ella es

What we did: 1) Self-Grade homework  2) Práctica verbal con el verbo ser with Argentina partners: pg 26 act A sub your own info  3) pg 27 act D y E 4) Act Comm A   


miércoles 31.8.16 (Wed Aug 31)

Objectives: To describe yourself or someone else and to talk to someone else using the singular forms of ser: soy, eres, es

What we did: 1) Subject Pronouns- English to Spanish self quiz and self-correct     2)Ser review and Practice worksheet - self quiz and self correct       3)Ser review & discussion pg 25       4) Practice activities A-C with Paraguay partners               5) Complete Estructura packet for Homework- Letters E-J

Handouts/Resources:      Subject Pronouns WKST        Ser practice WKST         Estructura HW pg 2            Estructura HW pg 3              Estructura HW pg 4


martes 30.8.16 (Tues Aug 30)

Objectives: To talk TO someone or to talk ABOUT yourself or someone else using appropriate pronouns and forms of the verb ser

What we did: 1) Peer grade Article Homework 2) Discuss rules of noun Gender Handout 3) Guided notes on Personal Pronouns and Ser 4) Juego (game) con Señor Winky to practice "yo soy" "tú eres" and "él o ella es"

Handouts/Resources:      Noun Gender Handout        Guided notes on Pronouns          Guided notes on Ser

Señor Jordan video about Personal Pronouns

Señor Jordan gives the forms oSer

Señor Jordan explains When to use the verb Ser

Señor Jordan video explaining the rules of the Gender of Nouns


lunes 29.8.16 (Mon Aug 29)

Objectives: The show recognition of gender of nouns by choosing the correct article and adjective in both written and verbal prompts

What we did: 1) Practice with Articles Handout: Fill in the blanks with the correct article (el, la, un una) then translate phrases to English.  (Self-corrected in class)      2) BV1CH1 Articles Handout: Fill in blank with correct article and write Spanish vocab word, Match Spanish phases to English translation.  (Self-corrected in class)  3) Adjectives pg 24 Actividades Communicativas (conversation practice) letras A y B   4) Estructura Handout DUE for Homework tomorrow.  Letras A y B- fill in the blanks with correct article, Letras C y D write 4 sentences per activity

Handouts/Resources:    Practice with Articles WKST            BV1CH1 Articles WKST                     Estructura HW pg 1              Estructura HW pg 2

Here are some videos that might help you out!:

Señor Jordan video on Definite Articles

Señor Jordan video on Indefinite Articles



viernes 26.8.16 (Fri Aug 26)

Objectives: The show recognition of gender of nows by choosing the correct article and adjective in both written and verbal prompts

What we did: 1) Artículos: Annotate & Pair share notes from handout. Answer question: What 3 things do you consider to determine which Article to use?           2) Presentation pg 22 of text & Notas 3 on Articles  3) Practice Act A- find definite article   4) Page 23 Act B & C Fill in the blanks with correct article.  Translate paragraphs to English.  5) Adjetivos Presentation on pg 23 and Notas 3  6) Practice Activity A on pg 24

Handouts/Resources:     Articles pg1   Articles pg2            Notas 3 pg1        Notas 3 pg2